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Our selection of films and series to see in April 2018

The month of March was dominated in the cinema by the presence of Steven Spielberg and his fabulous Ready Player One. A film sum that quickly erase memories very disappointing A shortcut in time, Tomb Raider and Pacific Rim 2 . As for the series, it is the novelties The Terror , supervised by Ridley Scott, and the return of Olive and Tom who caught the attention. But what about in April?

This month again, many long-awaited releases will arrive in theaters and directly at your home. As for film news, it will be necessary to count on the heavyweight Avengers: Infinity War . But also on the spying thriller Red Sparrow with Jennifer Lawrence and the very nice Dog Island directed by Wes Anderson.

As for the television series, they will be marked, among others, by the return of the blockbuster of HBO, season 2 of Westworld . A little more detailed overview by movies couch, of what awaits you in April.

Red Sparrow (April 4, 2018)

After taking care of staging the last three parts of the Hunger Games saga , Francis Lawrence finds Jennifer Lawrence with this Red Sparrow . A sexy spy film that evokes in his first images Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan and Luc Besson's Nikita . With a touch of Basic Instinct for the sexual manipulator nature of her heroine? These are in any case references of sizes. We hope that the work will not fall into a superficial frame like Atomic Blonde and its ceaseless and clumsy use of songs called "cool".

For Henri, who has already seen the film , it is " an honestly made entertainment, but ultimately forgettable enough. "At worst, we can expect a real guilty pleasure. Like Constantine ? We let you judge on the spot of the result. Or not.

Directed by Francis Lawrence - With Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton and Matthias Schoenarts. Duration: 2h21

In the mist (April 4, 2018)

After the zombie movie Night has devoured the world , here come In the mist . New genre film made in France exploring the lands of fantasy and science fiction. The story tells of the invasion of a mysterious mist that submerges Paris. After understanding that help will not come to their rescue, a small family will try to survive the disaster. A pitch that can easily evoke The Mist, the prodigious apocalyptic behind closed doors of Frank Darabont. But if lack of originality there is, the film, directed by Daniel Roby, should be able to compensate by its technicality and its narration that hopes solid.

Again, if you want to make a first opinion, you can consult now our criticism . Henri was seduced by the film despite some reservations as he wrote himself: " We can certainly regret some inconsistencies a little too thoughtful to serve the scenario, or a final quickly shipped, but the experience is quite innovative to be seduced

Directed by Daniel Roby - With Romain Duris, Olga Kurylenko and Fantine Harduin. Duration: 1h29

Dog Island (April 11)

Wes Anderson's new film, The Isle of Dogs will tell the story, very original of young Atari. This twelve-year-old teenager will find himself drawn into a canine conspiracy threatening the city of Megasaki . This is the second incursion for the filmmaker in the field of stop-motion after Fantastic Mr Fox . Note that to create the movie's naughty robot dogs, the team used 3D printers.

We are eager to discover this new film with Japanese aesthetic very catchy. The first echoes, rave reviews as is often the case with Anderson, bode well for the best.

Directed by Wes Anderson - With Vincent Lindon, Isabelle Huppert and Romain Duris. Duration: 1h41


The Strangers: Prey at night (April 18)

Continuation of Bryan Bertino's film released directly on DVD in France ten years ago. This time it's Johannes Roberts, the director of The Door and 47 Meters Down , who makes the film. As in the previous opus, young people will be confronted with masked psychopaths particularly sadistic.

Between the hardcore home invasion and the subtle fantasy, The Strangers first name was a pleasant surprise. With its heavy night-time atmosphere and storyline, the footage was able to get to the point and create sequences of terrifying tensions. We remain somewhat dubious to the vision of the trailer of this guy who does not seem to invent anything new. Given the scarcity of horrific exits for several years now, we will still try our luck. History of not having regret?

Directed by Johannes Roberts - With Bailee Madison, Christina Hendricks and Martin Henderson. Duration: 1h25

My Wonder Women (April 18)

My Wonder Women is the story of the creation of the Wonder Woman character. Far from the film directed by Patty Jenkins, the film is much more psychoanalytical and committed. This includes William Marston, a professor of psychology at Harvard in the 1930s who is conducting research on lie detector with his wife Elizabeth. Very quickly, one of their young students will become their assistant and advance them in the analysis of the invention. But the latter will also be at the center of a love to three as passionate as destructive. An adventure that will lead Marston to create the comic book of the famous Amazon. This stemmed from the professor's research on the place of women in the society of the time and on the normative behavior of the human being.

In short, you will understand, the interest is here "elsewhere". We'll talk to you again soon.

Directed by Angela Robinson - With Luke Evans, Rebecca Hall and Bella Heathcote. Duration: 1h49

Avengers: Infinity War (April 25)

It's been 10 years since the fans have been waiting for it. And he finally arrives. Thanos , present in the post-generic sequence of the first Avengers , is finally preparing to challenge, in person, the super-heroes of the MCU (marvel cinematic universes). And these will all be there, or almost. Captain America , Iron Man , the guardians of the galaxy , Spiderman , Doctor Strange and Co. will face the big bad guy in this third installment directed by the Russo brothers. Exit Joss Whedon so, these are the directors of Civil Warwho take up the torch. A difficult task given the excessive expectations hanging over the project.

We hope in any case a show up to the ambitions of the original story with real pieces of bravery unpublished in the genre. And an epic appearance that seems absolutely essential to the success of the film. Failing to discover the masterpiece that one would normally be entitled to receive with such a subject, one can deduce, given the previous work of the firm, imagine that this will be an object consumption as efficient as it is fast "disposable". In the manner of an excellent big mac menu at McDonald's neighborhood?

Directed by the Russo brothers - With Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Josh Brolin and Chris Hemsworth. Duration: 2h36


The film we do not recommend this month: Gaston Lagaffe (April 4, 2018)

Adapted from the famous Franquin comic, Gaston Lagaffe enters the cinema. The story will tell the story of the character who arrives at the Peticoin internship. He will then upset the daily life of his colleagues and deeply irritate his boss, Prunelle, by inventing various delirious objects. The "dramatic" issue of the film lies in the opposition between Gaston and Monsieur de Mesmaeker, a formidable character who wants to buy Peticoin.

This is the first big French blockbuster of April, before the arrival a few days later of Taxi 5 Franck Gastambide. At the time of writing, Franquin's daughter himself described the film as a " disaster ". You are left to draw your own conclusions.

Directed by Pierre-François Martin-Laval - With Théo Fernandez, Pierre-François Martin-Laval and Arnaud Ducret. Duration: 1h24

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